The hidden power of “useful”
microorganisms for the life science industry!


Fundamental research is the best base for innovative developments. The perfect symbiosis of research and industry.


Even distribution.

The volatile substances evaporate and can access areas and surfaces evenly without any additional effort.

Extended shelf life.

Even very low concentrations have a positive effect on products and extend the shelf life.

In the course of a project initiated by Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH in close cooperation with the Institute for Environmental Biotechnology (Graz University of Technology) and the Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering, the antagonistic effect of beneficial microorganisms on clinical relevant microorganisms was extensively studied. In order to make the promising results applicable for a wide range of industrial applications, the Roombiotic GmbH was founded in the year 2013. The team of Roombiotic is focused on the development of innovative decontamination technologies based on biogenic airborne antimicrobial substances.

The R&D department of Roombiotic has already identified several candidates of volatile substances produced by beneficial bacteria which express a strong antimicrobial activity at low concentrations against a broad spectrum of microbes, including bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Bacillus sp., Nocardia sp.), yeast (Candida albicans) and molds (Penicillium sp., Aspergillus sp., Cladiosporum sp.).


The active compounds of biogenic nature, which are a class of chemical compounds that also produce odors of fruits and vegetables, are synthesized and applied via suitable micro-dosing pumps.

The possibilities for its use are manifold, ranging from applications in the packaging of food products to complex applications in the field of the reduction of the microbial load on the surface of complex machines or medical equipment.


„From the lab

to the market!“


From the early stages on we keep the focus in our research Projects on the final product and its value for our customers, not only for the food industry but also for the end user that rely on a safer and naturally enhanced product.

Josef Ortner

The hidden power of “beneficial”
microorganisms for the life science industry!

Research spotlights

Microorganisms are microscopically small marvels that constantly change their survival strategies to adapt to new environments.

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We are talking about tiny creatures which belong to the oldest life forms on our planet. Besides archaea, fungi and microalgae, especially bacteria include a huge variety of beneficial microorganisms. They have been used in the food industry and biotechnology for a long time.

In addition, on Earth, microorganisms are involved in geochemical processes and have a positive influence the global climate. They produce at least half of the elemental oxygen and regarding to humans they contribute significantly to human health by their release of essential metabolites.


After several years of research 3 Product
lines are available for the life science industry.


 Microbial Analyses of production evironments

In the food industry it is essential to have information about the individual microbiological flora of a production environment in order to make the right decision in terms of technology.

Our analysis helps to characterize the existing microbiome, to quantify the microbial bioburden, to determine the routes of entry of germs and develop appropriate countermeasures. Moreover, the use of DNA intercalating agents provides the possibility of distinguishing between live and dead microbes.

 Real time PCR method

For a reliable reduction of the microbial load an adequate monitoring of the local microbiome is essential. Molecular biological methods based on Real-Time-quantitative-PCR including a Live/Dead distinction allow an active monitoring of harmful microorganisms in the industrial or clinical surrounding.This includes the continuous analysis of samples from the production environment in “real time”. The main advantage compared to the conventional cultivation dependent methods is the time needed. Since the samples can be analyzed within a few hours after collection, the results are available very promptly. This prevents expensive, complex and unwelcome product recalls. The method offered thus increases the safety for both the customer and producers throughout the whole product life cycle.

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Selected biogenic substances that have the ability to act as naturally derived antimicrobials facilitate the decontamination of surfaces and food. In combination with an appropriate dosing of the active substances the volatile compounds can be applied precisely. This allows the generation of a permanently germ-reduced environment in which the unwanted microbiological growth can be controlled on or in the product.


Flavorings, as they are produced by both, beneficial microorganisms and as components of the odor of food (fruit, vegetables, nuts and coffee) are offered to customers with different flavor characteristics.

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Research. Development. Patent.



The present invention relates to methods and compositions for controlling microbial growth on clean room equipment. The method comprises of the use of one or more biologically active substance(s) including antagonistic microorganisms, preferably bacteria.



The invention specifically relates to the application on surfaces. The method is based on a contactless treatment of the surfaces with volatile substances. The airborne antimicrobial agents are originally produced by plant-associated microorganisms but will be applied in synthetic pure form or in a mixture on the surface to be treated.



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Gabriele Berg

Roombiotic GmbH

Head of the Institute of “Environmental Biotechnology” at the University of Technology in Graz. Author of more than 170 scientific publications, holding 7 patents and expert for microbiology.


Josef Ortner

Roombiotic GmbH

CEO Ortner
Reinraumtechnik GmbH.
Pionier of cleanroom technology in Europe and holder of several patents in the area of cleanroom technology

Daniel Treffer

Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Treffer

Roombiotic GmbH

Founder and CEO of MeltPrep GmbH
Experienced with interdisciplinary research projects.
5 years of experience within the pharmaceutical process-development.


Dr. Tomislav Cernava, MSc

Key Researcher
Roombiotic GmbH

Postdoc at ACIB GmbH
in cooperation with Roombiotic GmbH.
Former project-member of the
Research Center Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH.


Mag. Dr. Stefan Liebminger

Partner and CSO
Roombiotic GmbH

Postdoctoral molecular biologist and expert for environmental biotechnology.

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